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" Bernard passion and his simplicity to guide us in the history context are really of great interest . I enjoyed walking in the Marais district and even if I was cold this experience pushes me to renew it. This idea of walking tours in Paris is fantastic, thank you very much."

"My friend Yann and I have really enjoyed this visit and we were impressed by our guide. Very interesting, he gave us the opportunity to discover nice places . Convey our thanks to him !

"I spent a nice moment during this visit which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things and to discover secrets of this wonderful Marais."

"I don'tt see what could be improved in this visit ! the first contact by internet was already very pleasant, the organisation was perfect, and the guide gave us reasons to come back for other visist."

"The visit was very interesting , the guide seems to be passionated, so he really made a good job. We particularly appreciated the interactive approach (questions, hsitorical documents shown) and his humor. The itinerary was well defined. I have lived for 20 years in this district and I discovered lot of things . I will certainly renew this experience.

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