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The so diverse and peculiar Marais south district
A walk from Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais church towards the place des Vosges, a famous and beautiful royal place. You will discover the medieval Marais and its timbered houses, the old XIIth century Philippe-Auguste Paris enclosure, the Jewish district and the aristocratic Marais with its 17th century mansions and its French art of living . 

Montmartre, a village in Paris
A walk starting on the famous Place des Abbesses towards the basilica of the Sacre-Coeur ! You will be told  about the strange and interesting history of Montmartre , its mills and vineyards. Montmartre welcomed famous artists and painters such as Picasso or Utrillo.
You will understand why!  Several visits in one only!

Saint-Germain des Prés , a certain spirit of Paris
A walk from the church Saint Germain des Prés towards a royal place , the place Dauphine.
Saint Germain was a “revolutionary “district as well as an “intellectual” centre .  Surrealism with André Breton and then existentialism  with Sartre started in a way in this area especially in famous cafés...  becoming a Paris trendy district of the after war period .
A really mythical area to be discovered!

The heart of Paris and its secrets
Stroll around the heart of Paris, from the "Pyramide du Louvre towards Notre-Dame in the “île de la Cité" ! We will cross two legendary bridges, will visit a royal place without forgetting to remember about the queen Marie Antoinette when being in front of the "Conciergerie”, a terrible prison. We will remind us public executions on the Place de Grève , in front of the Paris City hall …
Some funny and sordid stories will be told during this visit giving you a unique opportunity to take some memorable pictures.

The treasures of the Mouffetard district
A walk starting in the antique Arènes of Lutèce, will go through the  “Place de la Contrescarpe” and discover  quite unknown and amazing locations , to terminate in the very well-known Mouffetard street with its old shop signs  still preserved from the old times.  A walk where it will be necessary to look up and open doors.

The Monceau district and its aristocratical surroundings
Walk along the Monceau district and its park with its unusual design. This visit will allow us to talk about Alexandre Dumas, famous writer,  as well as about the Statue of Liberty which is directly associated to this district with its numerous 19th century amazing mansions . A real feast for the eyes! 

La place de la Concorde: famous and so unknown !
Rediscover a piece of French and Parisian history in a so unusual royal place. The walk will start at the foot of Obelisque and ends at the beginning of the avenue des Champs Elysees after a walk around the place allowing to tell  stories of several events linked to the Revolution and many other periods … an original visit !

The Marais North district, from a wall of enclosure to another one
Have a walk from the church  Saint-Paul Saint-Louis, headquarter of the Jésuites, and location of famous oraticals by following the route of the  XIIth century Philippe Auguste enclosure before reaching the center of another wall of enclosure linked to the famous Templars Headquarters , today “Place du Temple” …

Faubourg Saint Antoine and Revolution
Start your walk at the Bastille, symbolic point of the French Revolution , then crossing the carpenters’ district of its wonderful  “passages” and visiting the Ladies of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine. Discover  the secrets of the church Sainte-Marguerite. A walk  at the heart of revolutions!  









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